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kenddeel Headphone Plug Extraction Tool- Remove Broken Headphone Plug from Headphone Jack of Mobile Devices

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Product Description


phones , laptops and smaller devicesphones , laptops and smaller devices

The headphone jack is broken?

Any electronic device with 3.5mm

diameter headphone hole is applicable

Remove Broken Headphone Plug Remove Broken Headphone Plug

Gap with earphone jack: 0.1mm

Gap with earphone

jack: 0.1mm

The metal tube is only suitable for used on 3.5mm jacks found on phones ,

laptops and smaller devices







Step 1

Step 1.Insert tool between headphone jack housing and broken plug.

You may need to lightly tap it in.

Step 2

Step 2.Pinch with fingers or pliers for better grip.

Step 3

Step 3.With broken plug enclosed, Then tighten the end of the tube with hands or pliers and pull to remove .


Step 4

If the broken plug is not all taken out, proceed with the other one, the headphone jack remover. Use the same method as above.


You have 6 opportunities to solve the problems you encounter.

We provide you with 6 small stainless steel iron pipes to try. You have 6 opportunities to solve the problems you encounter.

If you can’t remove a broken headphone tip, there are only two reasons.

One is that our tool cannot be made thinner, and the other is that the way your headphone head breaks in your headphone hole is too special to be inserted into our tool.


Rotating or inserting too far may damage the device. The opening is sharp and may cause harm to your fingers. We recommend using gloves and pliers when handling this tool.

Package Contents:

6 x headphone jack remover .

1 x headphone hole cleaning brush.

NOTE: Depending on how the headphone plug was broken off in the device, it may not be possible to be removed without disassembling the device and therefore the steel tube would not work in that situation. Also, please note that the jack connectors inside your device may have been.

🛠️Applicable To :all models of mobile phones, pads and computers headphone jack, built to easily remove broken 3.5mm headphone plugs from jacks.
🛠️Instructions: Insert the steel tube between the headphone jack and a broken plug. Gently downward to feel the extraction tool grab the broken headphone plug. Then tighten the end of the steel tube with hands or pliers and pull it out. If the broken plug is not all taken out, proceed with another one headphone jack remover.
🛠️Before you use this tool: please read the instructions carefully. because the gap between the earphone plug and the earphone hole is very small,You need to plug it in deep enough.
🛠️Tep: This set of headphone jack remover tool is considered a single-use tool.
🛠️If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by email.

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